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 1.  DEFINITIONS - The term unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, (Unemployment Information Center; UnemploymentInfo; Unemployment Center) includes Speedier inc., it's associations, affiliates, related sites, individual owner(s) and any other related label or asset.
2.  RELATIONSHIP - unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, is not a government entity, endorsed by any government entity or affiliated in any way with any government entity.  unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, was created from a former unemployed worker who found it very difficult to find unemployment information fast. Our private help center directory, and resource, was created to help others, showing the user where to quickly find the information they are searching, and save on time, and energy.  unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, unemploymentcom.com, also, has no connection whatsoever to any unemployment filing office of any kind. We provide links, and the best up to date information we can find. It is possible to access your state for benefits filing, and other links without using our website.  unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, is a private company with good intention motivated to fill an informational void.
3.  3RD PARTY ADVERTISEMENTS (Private resources, sponsored ad resources) - unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, links to 3rd party sponsored resource websites.  unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, has no direct relationship with the 3rd party sponsors and therefore makes no guarantee or promise of any kind as to their reliability, worth, trustworthiness, fitness, credibility, history, legality, truth of claims, representations and/or integrity. These sponsored ad resources are recommended to us from various reputable national online media companies whom we have strong history with and have specialization with sponsored unemployment ad. Along with recommendations, we are also provided with targeted sector ad creative notifications that are updated frequently through industry regulations from our media network, which are seen on our website and noted as a sponsor. We do not investigate, track, and monitor visitor feedback of direct advertisers, we only rely on the media agencies feedback for ad changes.  The user agrees to use such 3rd party services, at their own risk and read the terms of service and privacy of each.  The user agrees to hold unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, completely harmless for damages arising out of their use of 3rd party sponsors found within unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info. If the user has any issues, we will happily provide you with contact information of any sponsored ad resource in question for problem resolve. All sponsored ad resources on our websites are for informational purposes only and are optional recommendations that have no connection to an unemployment claim. Users may skip ad resource pages by clicking on the directory link on the bottom of each page, as well as, our main page. Creating a profile is also not required for using our websites, or for anything other than informational purposes from our private website. The user profile has no connection to unemployment claim. All visitors can click on the skip link found on the bottom of the profile setup page.

4.  BUSINESS VIABILITY - The user understands that unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, bids per click for their visit and therefore bears a financial price for their visit.  The user understands that 3rd party sponsored ad resources, found within unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, serve to keep the business solvent by accounting for the costs of hosting, website maintenance, employee/proprietor income, and but not limited to bidding for the user's visit through search engine sponsored ads.  The user understands that without 3rd party advertisements, unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, would be unable to remain solvent while assisting thousands of persons daily with our web designed help center directory, which saves users hours of time on research, and efficiency in finding information.  The user agrees to be exposed to sponsored ad resources in exchange for the convenience of the unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info help center directory, which lists the contact information for unemployment offices, job help, information, and many state links, and programs.  unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, will not charge the user a fee for access to our informational website, although 3rd parties may charge fees with regards to their particular advertisements for their other offers. If the user has any issues, we will happily provide you with contact information of any sponsored ad resource in question for problem resolve. All visitors may skip passed our sponsored ad resource pages by clicking on the directory link on the bottom of each page. Creating a profile is also not required for using our websites; all visitors can click on the skip link found on the bottom of the profile setup page.

5. LIABILITY WAIVER - unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, is not responsible for any negligent actions, or damages (whether economic or property), incurred by the user arising from the use, advice or actions taken pursuant to filing an unemployment claim arising from the users interactions with unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, . User and unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, includes but is not limited to assessors, interests, agents, assigns, heirs, employees and acts of both parties.
6. INDEMNIFICATION - The user will indemnify unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, for negligent actions, or damages (whether economic or property), incurred by third parties arising from the use, advice or actions taken pursuant to filing an unemployment claims arising from the users interactions with unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, .  User, unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, and 3rd parties includes but is not limited to assessors, interests, agents, assigns, heirs, employees and acts of all parties.           
7. GOVERNABLE LAWS - All provisions of the agreement are governed by the laws, rules and regulations of the State of Florida.
8. COURT PROCEEDINGS - For court proceedings, venue is chosen in accordance with unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, wishes, as long as it is reasonable and does not create an undue burden on the user.
9. ENFORCEABILITY - If any of the provisions(s) of the agreement are found to be illegal or unenforceable, then only the specific provision(s) are affected.  Any subsections, complimentary provisions, or unrelated provisions have the full force of law.
10. INTENT - This agreement contains the full and complete intent of the parties and nothing outside what is written has been agreed upon.
11. MODIFICATIONS - unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, may modify this agreement at any time without notifying the user before or after modification.  The user will read the TOS again in the future if the user wishes to check for any modified terms.
12. TERMINATION - unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, may terminate this agreement for any violation of local, federal or state statute.  unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, .com may terminate this agreement if any of the provisions provided within the agreement are violated or for any other reason.

13. REITERATION; COMPLAINTS - The user agrees that unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, is a private company.  The user wants to be exposed to 3rd party offers in exchange for the convience of gaining access to a non-exclusive unemployment directory we have compiled.  The user knows unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, is not a sanctioned unemployment office of any kind.  The user agrees that they sign up to 3rd party offers at their own risk.  unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, does no research into 3rd parties and is not responsible for the practices of 3rd party advertisers.  The user must deal directly with the 3rd party advertiser if the user has a complaint.

14. USER VIOLATIONS - The user violates this agreement if they ignore this document and attempt to file complaints against unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, despite agreeing to the warnings contained within this binding agreement.  Complaints due to reckless disregard of our terms of service might result in counter legal action if such complaints defame the reputation of unemploymentcom.com, unemployment.info, or disrupts the service.  

15. EMAIL POLICY - The user grants speedier, inc and our email marketing partners to send you sponsored advertisement resource emails, and inform. By creating a site profile, You give us the right to send 3rd party sponsorship offers via email from ourselves and our professional ad resource marketing partners (bluefiremedia, & degreefirst.  Such offers are also governed by the provisions of this agreement with regards to 3rd party advertisements.  We will not sell your email address to anyone; we only share your email request with our carefully selected third parties to provide maximum support and resource during this time period  Upon completion of your profile, and your request of receiving emails, the user will receive an auto-confirmation email first from speedier, inc (unemployment.info, unemploymentcom.com) (Unemployment assistance, unemployment center, and other related from labels.) If at any time the user wishes to no longer receive emails from speedier, inc., there will be an unsubscribe link in each of our emails, as well as mailing address. You can also find an unsubscribe link on the bottom of our websites, unemployment.info and unemploymentcom.com. Please allow 7 days to process your unsubscription. Our marketing partners also have unsubscription information located in each of their emails, and notifications, for easy unsubscription compliancy.

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